Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Value of Microchipping

A year ago, Boots, a little poodle, was stolen from his owner while she was going to school in Atlanta. Despite searching for her pup and posting "Lost Dog" signs, she was never able to find Boots. She was devastated. She eventually moved back to South Carolina, though she never gave up hope that she and Boots would be reunited.
A while later, a Good Samaritan found a little poodle wandering down a local road. The person brought the poodle to PAWS Atlanta to see if he was microchipped. Not only was the poodle microchipped, but the owner had kept her registration current. The little poodle turns out to be none other than Boots! Pictured here is the owner's cousin who drove Boots to be reunited with his Mom. This is a story that could have ended very differently if Boots’ Mom had not microchipped her pet or had not kept her registration information current.
PAWS Atlanta offers discounted microchips for $25 during our low-cost vaccination clinics through 24 Hour Pet Watch. If your dog is microchipped, and all PAWS Atlanta dogs are, please keep your registration current.

Well Pet Humane

PAWS Atlanta does not have a full-time veterinarian on staff to handle pet emergencies from the public. As such, we recommend Well Pet Humane for pet owners who are facing financial hardship. Well Pet Humane offers pet owners lower cost veterinary services. Unexpected accidents or life-threatening illnesses can occur at any time during a pet’s life. It is the mission of the Atlanta Animal Alliance to serve animals whose owners are struggling financially. Most of these animals are “put to sleep” for what is often a treatable condition. We share Well Pet Humane's  dream that one day no pet will be a victim of “Economic Euthanasia.” Click here to learn more about Well Pet Humane's services.

Fully Vetted Blog

Fully Vetted is a blog is authored by Dr. Patty Khuly. It offers great information for pet owners. Click here to visit Fully Vetted.
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