Senior Services

The Senior Connection - Loving People, Loving Pets

At PAWS Atlanta, we’re working tirelessly to build a community of caring—a world where people help pets and pets help people. Our staff and volunteers dedicate themselves daily to finding the right home for each one of our dogs and cats. It’s a job we’ve been doing for 50 years—with excellent results.

For senior citizens in particular, pet ownership can offer positive, life-changing benefits. Research proves that owning a pet can significantly improve a person’s health and well being by providing:

  • Unconditional love * Social bonds with other pet owners
  • Consistent and loyal companionship * Stress Relief
  • Renewed purpose * Reduced depression & loneliness

At PAWS Atlanta, we have no age restrictions on adoptions. In fact, senior citizens make some of our best adopters because they offer the stability and companionship that our animals so desire. That’s why we offer seniors a greatly reduced rate on all adoptions, as well as a discount on all veterinary care. 

All PAWS Atlanta pets are spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, and vaccinated. Our adoption counselors work hard to make an ideal match for both the person and the pet. If for any reason your chosen pet is not a good match for you—or if you or your family can no longer care for your pet—we will take back your pet at any time. That’s how seriously we take our commitment to you and to our PAWS Atlanta pets.

For those who prefer not to adopt but still want to enjoy the companionship a pet has to offer, foster opportunities exist. The pet stays in your home —for a specific period of time—while PAWS Atlanta assumes responsibilities for the food and medicine. Fostering allows us to take in more animals and therefore save even more lives. And you enjoy the company of a pet!

Are you a senior citizen interested in learning more about the PAWS family of pets? Please contact us at: 770-593-1155. At PAWS Atlanta, we believe that people and pets bring out the best in each other!

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