Meet the members of our

Secret Crush Club

Many of our shelter pets' adoption fees have been paid by a secret admirer. So, use the money you save to buy them the best bed they've ever had - to match your home, the nicest home they'll ever have.

If you find yourself falling in love with any of these secret crush club members, you can find more information about each animal under the Adoptable Dogs and Cats tabs. 


Addison is a 4 year old retriever/lab mix who is the perfect goofy sidekick. She is kooky, endearing, and full of fun energy. Addison makes friends everywhere she goes and loves going on walks. She is a special little lady!
Agatha and Einstein are an incredibly sweet, mellow, and well-behaved couple who would love to find a home together, as they’ve lived their entire lives together. They mostly like napping and sometimes taking short walks. Please e-mail Laura at if you are interested in meeting them.
Atreyu is a staff favorite: playful, fun, eager to get his game on with anyone and everyone. With his long legs, he may be the fastest runner and ball chaser in the shelter. Atreyu loves going for walks, and really enjoys ANY kind of exercise. We hope he'll find an active home with gentle people who can guide him and show him how to be an excellent dog.
Bart is just a prince, pure and simple. At 4, he's steady and well-mannered and happy. He falls in right beside you, step by step, loose-leash walking like he was trained in some fancy training place where fancy dogs go. He's a beautiful, soft shepherd-collie mix guy with a coat you just want to snuggle next to. Come take this prince out for a walk and see him for yourself. We're confident you won't be walking out of the shelter alone!
Blaze is a big sweetheart. Even after something scares her she bounces right back and is out and about wanting to be pet. She loves to rub against you and be next to you at all times. Her favorite activities are sitting on the couch with you watching Netflix, talking to you, lying in the sun beams, being brushed, chasing lasers or lights, and she absolutely cannot wait for bedtime!
Brandy may only have three legs, but that doesn’t bring down this 5 year old Bulldog, American/Boxer. She’s easy-going, patient, and loyally protective of her family. Please e-mail Laura at if you are interested in meeting her.
Butter is a 3 year old Retriever, Labrador/Mix who’s energetic during play time, but gentle and affectionate when it’s time to cuddle. He would do best in a quiet home without children or other dogs so he can have all the attention! Please e-mail Laura at lmckelvey@ if you are interested in meeting him.
Carmelo is a lovable hunk who is a six year old Catahoula Leopard mix. His personality is very mellow but he still enjoys playing and going for walks outdoors. While he's not a huge fan of other dogs, Carmelo is a the perfect addition to a stable family who is looking for a low maintenance companion. He has the sweetest eyes and smile and enjoys a good belly rub!
Cash Money
Cash Money, 1, is our friendly, pint-sized, true-blue American hound. He watches us when we walk through the small dog room, with eyes that plead, "Please, please, please, just a tiny walk?" We're a sucker and stop every time. Because, truth is, it's fun walking Cash. What he wants is what we all want: a place to call home, people who will love us to the moon and back, and a feeling of safety. We'd classify him as medium energy -- likes to play, but also likes to chill. He's not so crazy about young children because they can be a little, shall we say, unpredictable. So, grown humans for Cash please.
Daydream’s personality is as pleasant as her name suggests. She’s always happy and loves everyone she meets. This 7 year old Shepherd/Mix is very shy, so she needs someone patient and a home without children or other pets. Please e-mail Laura at if you are interested in meeting her.
Demelza, 5, is a staff favorite because she's a dream. She has beautiful leash manners and is quite sprightly for 5. Demelza falls in love quickly and will remain loyal to you for life. She is deaf, so we've worked with her on some basic sign language and you would never know she's hearing-impaired. She likes most other dogs and is great with kids. Demelza loves her people deeply, and she takes the daily good-byes quite hard. We would love to see her end up with someone who is a homebody or maybe works from home.
The best word to describe Ebbie is "solid." His stance, his muscles, his focus, and his concentration-everything screams solid. Ebbie is a big guy. At almost four years, he's also in his prime. This American Staffordshire terrier mix came from Animal Control, so we don't know much about him. He's handsome-his white coat displays muted black spots here and there. Ebbie seems content with who he is-a strong, confident fellow who could rule the world but chooses not to.
Agatha and Einstein are an incredibly sweet, mellow, and well-behaved couple who would love to find a home together, as they’ve lived their entire lives together. They mostly like napping and sometimes taking short walks. Please e-mail Laura at if you are interested in meeting them.
Even if you might not have met Elektra yet, we're already pretty sure she adores you. She spent her early life outside on a thick chain with humans we suspect have no clue about the love of a good dog. Since we rescued her, she's been making up for lost time, loving on everyone she meets. Elektra does need a little extra help in the manners department, but no one will love you quite like this pretty, happy girl.
Halle is a gentle seven-year-old Labrador retriever mix. If you squint, you can almost detect Great Dane in her lineage. As far as we're concerned, whatever Halle wants, Halle gets. We'd do almost anything for this girl. She's sweet, loving, and so appreciative that she humbles us. If you have a soft spot for senior dogs, or know someone who does, please consider Halle.
Harvey is a charming, intelligent guy who has proven himself an attentive, affectionate, reliable friend to his caregivers at PAWS Atlanta. At 2, Harvey is really the perfect age: he is fully grown up and mature, but he still has ton of "play" in him. His perfect fit would be an adult home (no young children) where he could either be an only dog or have a very cool, chill dog companion. He can be selective with his dog friends so finding the right canine housemate is key.
Henry is a big 8 year old Mastiff/Mix full of love and happiness. He enjoys taking leisurely walks and then snuggling up for cuddles. He was recently diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, a chronic medical condition that requires medication, but in an adult only home without other pets, you’ll find him to be the best of company.
Jacey came to us from a feral community of dogs. Adjusting to life as a shelter dog has required a lot of courage and strength of this small shepherd-mix girl. She needs someone who can see beyond her fear and really see HER. She needs someone patient, who will love and protect her. She needs you, her eyes say it all!
Jasmine is the most gentle 5 year old Chinese Shar-Pei/Mix you will ever come across even though she lived on the side of the highway for 3 years. She doesn’t have a single mean bone in her body but she’s oh so shy, so she needs to find a quiet, scheduled home with no children. Please e-mail Laura at if you are interested in meeting her.
At 4, Judge is very smart and eager to learn new things. He loves being praised and will do just about anything to make you happy. He's deeply loyal. When you are his friend, you are his friend for life. He's not all that hot on the idea of living with kids, and he's more of a people dog than a dog-dog. So, Judge would love to end up with grown ups who will be happy with just one very fun, outgoing dog.
Krispy Kreme
As her name suggests, Krispy Kreme is the pinnacle of sweetness. She's constantly smiling, and absolutely happy, even in a shelter. She's a well-adjusted, social girl, who instantly wants to be best friends forever. Krispy Kreme is 5, so she's nicely settled and doesn't require a lot of exercise. We think she's good with other dogs, but if you have one, bring yours to meet her. Krispy Kreme would love to find a laidback, easygoing human looking for a really good dog like her.
Little Pumpkin
One-year-old Little Pumpkin radiates beauty from the inside out. We're certain this sublime shepherd mix once lived in a home. He knows how to sit on command. He's quietly affectionate too! Get to know this deserving boy and you'll understand why he's a staff favorite. He's here, waiting patiently for his new life to begin.
Malala came to us from Ahimsa House, which helps victims of domestic violence-both people and their pets-reach safety together. Our goal is to help the beautiful and resilient Malala find a calm new home where love reigns supreme.At three, Malala is energetic and strong. She runs like the wind and obsesses over squirrels. She's capable of so much more, though, if only given the chance. Come meet this survivor and see for yourself. Her spirit is indomitable.
As our resident 10 year old Boxer, Retriever/Labrador, Malocchio is lovingly called “Grandma” because of her old spirit. She’s a relaxed dog who is the best listener when you need to talk and will go on calming walks with you.
Walking Mischief yesterday, he seemed like the happiest boy in the shelter! He's a leisurely walker at 10, prone to many "sniff-stops". Mischief is friendly with other dogs and would probably love to have a dog companion. Most of all, he would love to be back in a home with someone he can love and watch over. He seems housetrained and very used to being around people. This guy is just smooth, easy company.
True to his hound lineage, Mitch exudes a quiet confidence. At five, he's well mannered, polite on a leash, and happy to content himself by sniffing along our trails or sleeping in his kennel. He knows "shake," "stay," and "come," and executes the most beautiful "sit" you've ever seen. He's also house-trained, according to his previous owner. He'd make an excellent walking companion, canine vacuum cleaner during meals, and fellow connoisseur of late-night TV.
Mother Gothel
Mother Gothel is a sweet 7 year old Shepard/Mix who would love to spend every minute of every day cuddling with you if she could. She loves people of all ages, but isn’t a huge fan of other dogs, so she would do best in a home where she doesn’t have to share the attention!
When Oakley smiles, the world seems a little brighter. At 7, she is one of our longest-tenured shelter guests. She's not a fan of crowds or commotion. Instead, she would love a quieter, comfortable life, where the two of you have a routine together and she knows exactly what to expect when she gets up in the morning. Oakley would prefer to be an only dog in a home with someone who will make her feel safe and protected. No children, please, as they make her nervous.
Percy is a gentle, quiet 6 year old Retriever, Labrador/Mix. He’s thoughtful and inquisitive, so being at the shelter has been confusing for him. He can come off as shy, but we think he’s just looking at each and every person trying to figure out who his forever person will be!
Puffin has everything going for him except a home. Intelligent, athletic, sweet, and well behaved, he is nearly perfect in every way. This exuberant nine-month-old runs like the wind! He loves to play with people and dogs alike. Whatever activity you suggest, he's game!
Rick’s the handsome St. Bernard/Siberian husky mix who would like to settle in a home of his own. At 52 pounds, three-year-old Rick is a fairly big boy. He likes other dogs, knows his commands, and loves riding in the car. In fact, as an occasional treat, we drive him around the block. Rick needs an adults-only home with dog-experienced people who can take him for walks and continue his training. He'll repay you with loyalty and love and then some. Come meet him!
Sailor Mars
Sailor Mars is one smart girl, and she is in foster with a trainer so she is getting smarter every day. She came to us shut down, scared, and unsure of everyone. At home, she is playful and happy. She loves to learn and is eager to please. Unfortunately, she will likely always be wary of new and novel things, but her confidence is building every day. She would do best in a home without children or other dogs because of this.
Sincere's loveable face is always happy and eager to see you! She is a 2 year old Terrier/Pit Bull/Bulldog mix with tons of energy. Sincere is the perfect young, active, and healthy companion to go on runs and explore. She is eager to learn and is very treat motivated, making her excited for future training. Come visit Sincere and fall in love for yourself!
Sloane is gentle, sweet, and shy despite her beauty. She prefers to sit back and observe and wait for you to come to her. Sloane was adopted as a kitty and returned six years later so she is looking for someone who will commit to her. Sloane is friendly with people and other cats and eager to be held and loved!
Spirit came to us emaciated and under-socialized, but at 4 years old, this Boxer/Mix is now ready for the best life can offer. She adores nice walks, car rides, fluffy dog beds, and the company of other dogs. She’s a bit over eager with cats and would do best in a mellow home with older children or just adults.
Stitch prefers to spend her days quietly curating her tennis ball collection. Her foster mom says she's mellow and low-maintenance. Stitch enjoys being close to you when you're around, but also does well on her own at home. While she loves exercise and play, Stitch is more of a homebody, and would do best in a home without children. Email Laura at if you find yourself falling in love with the tennis ball queen.

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