Meet the members of our

Secret Crush Club

Many of our shelter pets' adoption fees have been paid by a secret admirer. So, use the money you save to buy them the best bed they've ever had - to match your home, the nicest home they'll ever have.

If you find yourself falling in love with any of these secret crush club members, you can find more information about each animal under the Adoptable Dogs and Cats tabs. 

Interested in helping a shelter pet get the spotlight they deserve? You can cover their adoption fee and remove a big hurdle for their gotcha day. Email our Director of Development, Suzie Sloan, to learn more.

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Brandy is a snuggle bug, a natural athlete, and an excellent fetch partner. She can run like the wind and has no concept of the idea that she has only 3 legs, when most of the other doggos have 4.
pet image
Bully considers everyone a friend, and he is pure sweetness. He has lived happily with another dog and seems comfortable around people and dogs alike.
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Cami, 8, is a love and walks great on a leash. She needs an adopter who loves to explore but also appreciates a good nap. Cami has been well-loved in her life, and she deserves that kind of happiness again.
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Carmelo is a 6 year old Catahoula Leopard mix. His personality is easygoing. While he's not a fan of other dogs, he is perfect for a family looking for a low maintenance dog.
pet image
Carrie is this joyful, easy girl, who radiates “happy.” She’s a medium dog and walks gently on leash. Carrie would be a great for a first-time adopter, or someone who is looking for a steady companion.
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Cash Money
Cash Money, 3, is our American hound. He's good on leash and is highly motivated to learn. He’s medium energy - likes to play, but also likes to chill. He's not a fan of young kids because they can be unpredictable.
pet image
Cheese is crazy about people and is unapologetically flirtatious with everyone who crosses her path. If you're looking for a joyful, wiggly, affectionate companion, Cheese is your girl!
pet image
Columbus is a striking 3 year old girl. She has the biggest, best eyes that seem to look right into your soul. She is active, playful, and lives in one of our cat rooms just waiting to find her people.
pet image
Djibouti walks nicely on leash and knows a few commands. He's very eager to meet strangers and loves affection above anything else. He will be a loyal, loving companion.
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Ebbie is a 4 year old Staffy mix with a beautiful white & black coat. Once he gets to know you, you'll have a loyal friend forever !
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Fig is a magical unicorn who loves nice people and needs to be your one-and-only. She's 2 and she's stunning, and she's a naughty biscuit with other animals in the home.
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Jacey needs a quiet, stable home, and someone patient, who'll love and protect her. She needs routine and can be a flight risk but will be a wonderful companion. Open to other dogs. No kids, please.
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Milo, 8, is perfect. He's funny, endearing, playful, up-for-anything, adores car rides and feeling his ears flapping in the wind. He's wiggly-bottomed, joyful, and a lapdog, through and through.
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This velvety mini-hippo-potato is Piggy. And, when Piggy is really happy, which is pretty much all the time, she snorts with pleasure. (Piggy does not enjoy being with other dogs, so she needs to be an only hippo.)
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Popeye is a joyful, funny, perennially happy dog and a total flirt with everybody. We bring him on shelter outings because he loves people and adores other dogs.
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Sailor Mars
Sailor Mars is one smart girl! She is wary of new and novel things, but her confidence is building every day. She would do best in a home without children or other dogs.
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At 8, Snidget is shy lady with a mellow, even energy. She enjoys the simple things in life… perching near the TV, scratching her cat trees, and playing with cat toys, balls, string, bugs, and feathers.

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