Puppy Therapy

At PAWS Atlanta, we believe that people and pets bring out the best in each other.

That's why we offer Puppy Therapy to Atlanta groups and businesses to help reduce stress, bring teams together, encourage healthy living and increased productivity, and socialize our pups at the same time. By bringing PAWS Atlanta puppies to your office, you will help us save more homeless animals in need.

  • PAWS Atlanta staff and volunteers will bring up to 6 puppies/friendly dogs to a location of your choice.
  • One PAWS Atlanta staff member or volunteer per every 2 dogs
  • 1 1/2 hour session
  • $1,500 donation required
    • Employees can work together to raise the required donation. And the reward is puppies! Possibillities are endless and include: Jeans Day, Bake Sales, Office Olympics, Chili Cook Off, Raffles, Pet or Baby Photo Contest, etc.

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