Oakley finds a home

Oakley’s book has been full of difficult chapters, and no one deserves this chance at a happy ending more than her.

Oakley originally came to us in 2013. She lived with a young couple when she was just a pup, and she knew love. They were ultimately unable to find a place to live with her when they needed to move, and they gave her away to what they thought was a good home on Craigslist. We lost some of her story there, but we first met her when she was emaciated, scared, and tied to our gate.

We started from scratch, earning her trust and nurturing her back to good health. After some time with us, she was adopted by a loving woman, who later became very ill and had to bring Oakley back to us. Then came a long wait. Years of waiting. Oakley ended up needing TWO TPLO (knee) surgeries, which our community helped us fund. It was a long road, but she can now walk without pain.

Last May was her month to shine! This sweet, funny, independent lady got herself two really incredible people to spoil her rotten during her golden years. We miss her so much but are happy she found such amazing folks to dote on her during your retirement! Over the years, our hearts have intertwined with Oakley’s. She will always be special to us but now she has a FAMILY—something she has needed for so long and something she deserves.

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