Canine PhD and PAWS Atlanta present:

The Courteous Canine

Training is an important step in building and maintaining a strong relationship with your dog. Skills like sit, down, coming when called, and polite walking are essential for a dog’s life on and off the leash. This four week class will cover these behaviors and more, giving your best friend the tools to be a well-mannered companion wherever you may go!

Participation in this four-week course is $165

Classes will be conducted at PAWS Atlanta : 5287 Covington Highway Decatur, GA 30035

PLEASE NOTE: This class is not appropriate for reactive or aggressive dogs.

Weekend Classes Include:

Week 1 Saturday, Nov. 18th, 9a-10a: Sit in heel position, down, rocket recall
Week 2 Saturday, Nov. 25th, 9a-10a: LLW (loose leash walking): auto checkins, u-turns, automatic sits, rocket recall
Week 3 Saturday, Dec. 2nd, 9a-10a: Drop it, Leave it, LLW review, rocket recall
Week 4 Saturday, Dec. 9th, 9a-10a: Stays, proofing downs and sits in different ways

For more information and registration details, visit:

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