Trembles finds a home

At just weeks old, Trembles was abandoned at PAWS Atlanta in August of 2018, frightened and paralyzed from trauma to her back legs. Our Veterinarian, Dr. Erica, immediately assessed her injuries and believed she had been struck by a car. Our Veterinary Technician, Casey, fostered Trembles at her home, regularly performing rehabilitation exercises in an effort to assist her in regaining feeling in her legs during those crucial first 8 weeks of her care. She was evaluated by an orthopedic specialist and trusted neurologist, we fitted her for a wheelchair, and continued to work with her each day to build up the needed muscles to navigate her new normal. 

After specialist visits, foster care, and two veterinarians at PAWS Atlanta working with her, Trembles never regained her ability to walk. This felt like a big challenge for us, but she didn’t seem to mind. She has always been happy, eager, and able to pull herself around quickly and with ease. We aren’t sure there could be a sweeter cat than Trembles and were thrilled when one of our amazing foster dads, Dustin, agreed to foster Trembles for periods of time so she didn't have to spend all of her days in a shelter. 

Trembles waited a long time for a home. This week, her patience paid off. She found the best home with these wonderful ladies, who have been discussing her needs with our team for a month and have been PAWS Atlanta supporters for years. It feels good to know she will be safe and part of an amazing family. She has a whole team of fosters, volunteers, staff, multiple doctors, and now a family of her own rooting for her. Trembles is a shining example of what can happen when a dedicated team comes together for an animal in need. 

So, it is with happy tears in our eyes, we say “see you later” to our sweet girl! 

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