Jessica and Bethany

Helping to Heal

After enduring a loss, Jessica wasn't sure she was ready to find a new furry friend. When she met Bethany, though, she knew that this shy little pup was just what she needed. Since, both Jessica and Bethany have become their best selves because of what they offer each other: unconditional love.

Here is Jessica's Story of Love about her sweet pup, Bethany:

I was browsing the PAWS Atlanta website, not even sure if I was ready to get a new dog. My previous dog had passed away, and I didn't know when my heart would be ready for a new one. However, Bethany caught my eye. One of my favorite TV characters was named Bethany, and I took it as a sign. Her profile read that she was sweet and looking for someone to hug. I was in the midst of a depression, and I needed someone to hug too, and I knew that Bethany was the dog for me.

When I went to PAWS Atlanta to meet her, Bethany was so shy. She was hiding and didn't react to treats. She even had trouble coming out of her shell to even take a walk. She hid under the chairs as I filled out her adoption paperwork. I had to carry her to the car. Despite her hesitance, though, I knew that I had made the right choice.

Now, I know that I did - in so many wonderful ways! Together, we have both grown so much - gained more confidence and joy by supporting each other through the years. Bethany is still the sweetest dog and loves cuddling and fetch in equal measure. My depression waned, and simply going on walks with her helps give me confidence in social interactions.

Six years ago, I wasn't sure if I was ready to love a new dog, but now I am so grateful I adopted Bethany, because she has changed my world.

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