Youth Volunteering

Thank you for your interest in helping animals! While youth under 18 are not permitted to volunteer onsite at PAWS Atlanta due to insurance restrictions, there are plenty of other ways to get involved. Here are a few ways that you can help animals at home and in your community.

What Can I Do?

Become a Foster Family

You can have a direct impact on the lives of animals through fostering. PAWS Atlanta foster families provide a temporary home for kittens, cats, puppies, or dogs in need. These families provide food and care to homeless animals who need extra care, too young to be adopted, or could use a break for the shelter. Learn more about our foster program and get started today.

Supply Drive

PAWS Atlanta cares for thousands of animals in need every year, and it takes a lot of supplies! By organizing a donation drive, collecting items from our wish list, you will help animals directly with the things they need the most. For items to be sent directly to PAWS, you can purchase through our Amazon Wish List.

Host a Fundraiser

As a nonprofit organization, PAWS Atlanta is able to care for hundreds of animals each year thanks to the kind donations from people just like you. You can help by organizing a fundraiser in your community. There are so many fun ways to do this! Bake pet treats, host a movie night with an "admission fee", hold a car wash, or have a lemonade stand. Be creative - there's no wrong way to raise money for animals in need!

Donate Your Birthday

You can donate supplies, you can donate your time, but have you ever heard of donating your day? Each year, PAWS Atlanta receives donations from very generous kids who decide to ask for donations to help animals instead of (or in addition to) presents for their birthday. You could even throw an animal-themed party and ask guests to bring a few supplies to donate too!

Share our Animals

One huge way to make a difference is to share about on our animals on social media! With approval and/or assistance from a parent, visit our social media channels and share posts about our cats and dogs who need homes. You can personalize your posts as well - talk about how much your own pets mean to you and why adopting a pet is important. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, and TikTok


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