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We believe that people and pets bring out the best in each other. Therefore, our mission is to build a community of caring, by people helping pets and pets helping people. To accomplish this vision, we offer:

PAWS Atlanta is governed by a board of directors and a small, but dedicated, staff cares for the pets in our free-roaming cat cottage, small and large dog area, isolation area for sick pets, and our animal intake areas.  We also have a lovely 3.5 acre walking trail and off-leash area where you can get to know us and our pets a little better.  We invite you to visit PAWS Atlanta by appointment to see what we have to offer!

PAWS Atlanta receives no funding from federal, state or county governments. The vital services we offer to the community, are made possible by the thoughtful generosity of our supporters.

Our Impact:

2021 Lifesaving Percentage: 96.4%*

See our 2022 lifesaving numbers here.

*(Total Live Intake minus Other Outcomes) divided by (Total Live Intake minus Owner Intended Euthanasia) 


View live data on our real-time impact.

No Kill Philosophy

Our no-kill philosophy is simple. We give all of the animals in our care the time, medical attention, and behavioral training they need to thrive. Only terminally ill animals, where quality of life is suffering, or extremely aggressive animals, who have been evaluated as such by independent, certified trainers will be euthanized. PAWS Atlanta never euthanizes a cat or dog due to space constraints.

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