Discount Preventatives

Preventing fleas, ticks, and heartworms is crucial for your pet's health. However, these preventatives can be expensive. At PAWS Atlanta, we want to ensure that everyone can afford to take care of their pets, which is why we offer these preventatives at a discounted rate. See prices and options below. Purchases may be made at the front desk of our shelter anytime during business hours.

Heartworm Preventative for Dogs

Did you know that heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos? TriHeart Plus is a small tablet that is administered monthly to prevent heartworms as well as roundworms and hookworms. Doses may be purchased at the shelter according to your dog's weight. 

TriHeart Plus (sold in six-packs only, priced by weight)

TriHeart Plus 0-25lbs six-pack $28.00

TriHeart Plus 26-50lbs six-pack $38.00

TriHeart Plus 51-100lbs six-pack $48.00

Flea/Tick Preventative for Dogs and Cats

Fleas and ticks are a huge pain for both you and your pet. PAWS Atlanta offers Vectra flea/tick prevention at a discount for both dogs and cats to stop those itchy bites. Even if your pet is indoor-only, flea and tick prevention is a good idea. Vectra 3D offers the peace of mind knowing that your pet and home are protected from adult fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice and mites. It is available in a dose according to your pet's weight and is applied monthly to your pet's back, beneath the fur. 

Vectra 3D for Dogs (sold in singles only, priced by weight)

2.5-10lbs - $16.00

11-20lbs - $16.00

21-55lbs - $18.00

56-95lbs - $18.00

>95lbs - $19.00

Vectra 3D for Cats (sold in singles only) - $16.00

Feline Vectra 3D has only one weight option.

Are You Over 65?

If you are 65 or older, you will receive a 15% discount on all medications for your pet adopted from PAWS Atlanta. Photo ID is required, please.

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