Employment Opportunities

Our mission at PAWS Atlanta is to help pets and people. We are a passionate team of animal lovers who have dedicated our time and energy to rescuing homeless pets. Our team is made up of Animal Care Specialists, Adoption Counselors, Veterinary Assistants, Administrative Employees, and a Veterinarian, and we are all determined to make our community a safer and better place for everyone living in it, including the cats and dogs.

PAWS Atlanta offers equal employment opportunities to all qualified applicants and employees 18 and older without regard to an individual’s race, color, creed, sex or age.

  • Medical and Dental insurance
  • Short and Long-term disability
  • Paid Time Off

Animal Care Specialist

Animal Care Specialists are on the frontline of caring for our pets and ensuring that their stay at PAWS is as comfortable as possible, and that they are healthy and happy while they are with us. There is no doubt that this is an emotionally challenging job and that there will be a lot of physical work, but this job is incredibly rewarding. We go to bed at night knowing that we save hundreds of lives every year and help ensure that our community has access to low-cost vaccines and monthly heartworm and flea preventatives, free pet food, and pet care information. We match pets with people who are looking for a friend, a companion, or a new family member. It is a known fact that cats and dogs can improve the mental and physical well-being of the people they love and live with.

We are currently looking to hire an enthusiastic person with a strong work ethic and love of animals. They will be able to work both independently and as part of a team. This person will work five days a week from 7:30am-4pm. This is not a boring job, and you will not be stuck inside all day. We work indoors and outdoors. We work with dogs and puppies that are less than 1 lb all the way up to dogs that weigh over 100 lbs. We work with cats and kittens. We work with both healthy and sick pets and pets that come to us with varying degrees of socialization. Most of the pets we care for are friendly, but we do also work with pets who need specific handling and care due to behavioral concerns that can include aggression. We offer on the job training about what to look out for, how to work with animals, and their ongoing care once they are placed in homes.

When pets arrive at our facility, they are often scared and unsure of their environment. Many of them are still searching for their past families and are not sure about trusting strangers, but we offer them comfort and they quickly begin to seek us out and get excited when we arrive each morning. Working at PAWS Atlanta, you will witness animals transform from the time they come in until the time they are adopted out.  There is nothing that compares to the feeling of helping a heartbroken pet heal and find a loving forever family.

Animal Care Specialists clean kennels, walk dogs, socialize cats and dogs, play matchmaker between pets and people, monitor the pets’ health, and alert our vet team if anything seems wrong.  They work with the team to put supplies away, do laundry, keep the campus clean, etc. We need someone who will provide excellent customer service, who has a real love for animals, and who is driven to make a real, lasting difference in their community.

Please email your employment application to our Shelter Manager, Laura McKelvey, at lmckelvey@pawsatlanta.org.

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