Kathy Scott Legacy Society

The woman behind the name



One of the most powerful things about the work we do here at PAWS Atlanta is our community, the people who stand with us through every challenge. No one is a better example of leaving a legacy than Kathy Scott, and we could think of no other person to name our society after than her. 

When the pandemic hit, and things felt like they were falling apart before our eyes, our phone rang. It was Kathy. She asked what we needed — and how she could help. She was one of the first to step up for PAWS. Kathy didn’t wait for us to call her... she called us. 
That is something Kathy has been doing for years for PAWS Atlanta:  stepping up and helping us do the hard work of saving lives. Without Kathy, we wouldn’t have a capital campaign, or be talking about building a better future for PAWS Atlanta. 

She has been a constant and generous supporter. Kathy has sponsored many of our events, like Party for the PAWS.  She has helped us double our fundraisers by matching the money we raise dollar for dollar. Her constant support has allowed us to grow our rescue, and plan for the future, even in this uncertain time. Rescue is in Kathy’s blood. She got an early start, growing up on a farm, and she’s still at it today. She has befriended and helped many community cats, and she’s been active in trapping, neutering and releasing neighborhood cats for years.

When Kathy comes out to the shelter, her arms are full.  She comes with pet food, treats, toys, and lots of newspaper. She’s constantly pulling together donations from her friends and family. And Kathy often has homemade treats for our staff — who love her for it. 
Kathy Scott is beloved around PAWS Atlanta — by our team, and by the animals she is helping every day. PAWS Atlanta would not be the rescue we are today without her. Thank you, Kathy, for standing with PAWS Atlanta — and always being the first to step up for animals in need.  

Kathy Scott Society Benefits 

  • Annual conference call update with our Executive Director or Board President
  • 2 complimentary tickets to our signature party of the year, Party for the PAWS
  • 2 complimentary tickets to our rescue festival, Walk for the PAWS
  • Supporter spotlight in monthly e-newsletter
  • Name recognition on the PAWS Atlanta website

Kathy Scott Society Members

  • Todd Cano and Shawn Morgan
  • Pete Mounts
  • Kellie J. Nail

To join The Kathy Scott Legacy Society, please contact our Director of Development, Suzie Sloan.

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