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$1 for $1 Gift Matching

One of the most powerful things about helping animals is the people who make it possible. This year has been especially heartbreaking, seeing so many vulnerable animals face life and death situations. Dogs and cats are being abandoned in record numbers and shelters across the country are overcrowded and overwhelmed.

PAWS Atlanta is no different. Providing consistent care and enrichment has become much more challenging this year. One of our most ardent supporters, Kathy Scott, knew she had to help. That’s why she stepped up and gave $50,000 in hopes that our community would match her donation dollar for dollar to care for animals with nowhere else to go.

She’s writing to you with a heartfelt question: Will you make an urgent gift to provide a desperately-needed safety net for dogs and cats who need it the most?

Give by August 5th, and your donation will be doubled, dollar for dollar!

Your gift will go twice as far to give dogs and cats the care they deserve until they find their new family:

  • Your donation of $25 becomes $50, to microchip eight homeless animals, so they'll never be homeless again.
  • If you can give $75, that’s $150 to feed two cats or dogs with special dietary needs for an entire month.
  • Your gift of $150 doubles to $300, to cover X-rays for an injured pet on their road to recovery.
  • And a contribution of $1,000 turns into $2,000, to save the life of a pet rushed into emergency surgery.


Kathy’s Story

Kathy grew up on a farm in Indiana and has always been deeply passionate about animals. She knows firsthand how much adopting a pet can change your life. In 2020, shortly after the pandemic hit, Kathy lost her dear poodle, Annie. Later that year, she was devasted when Dottie, the feral cat she had been caring for over the years, ran away. Losing a beloved pet is always painful, but Kathy's loneliness and heartbreak was exacerbated because of the isolation COVID-19 created.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve, a sweet senior chihuahua, Daisy, was returned to PAWS Atlanta after being in a home for four years. As soon as I saw her, I just knew Kathy was her human! We brought Daisy to meet Kathy hours later so neither of them had to spend Christmas Eve alone. The rest is history! It was love at first sight and Daisy and Kathy have been best friends ever since.


Your Love and Care

Daisy is living her golden years surrounded by comfort and unconditional love because of your generosity and kindness. PAWS Atlanta is packed full of hundreds of loveable dogs and cats who need care, food, enrichment, and shelter - loving dogs like Daisy who dream of a family of their very own. With supply chain issues and prices skyrocketing, helping animals is more demanding, expensive, and needs more resources— than ever before. But there is hope. You can be their hero!

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